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Marceline has pale gray skin and long, navy black hair that goes to the middle of her thighs. She also sports a bite mark on her neck which seems permanent. She wears blue jeans, maroon boots, and a gray tank top. Despite being over a thousand years old, her appearance and personality is that of a teenager. This is most likely due to vampire immortality. In the song montage, "Evicted!", the singer refers to Marceline as a "sexy vampire lady". Also, in the episode, "Henchman", she is seen wearing a short black dress, where the top is ripped and there is a maroon stripe going across it. It is noted that this dress is made of Why-Wolf hide. She also wore purple leggings under the dress and reddish-purple heels.

Note from mun: I am not now, nor have I ever been her!
She is (C) "Adventure Time" and her creator

Mun and muse are both over there you go.
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